Food Photography Toronto

Creating striking content & fusing vision with masterful artistry.

Together we will create branded content that reflects your company and speaks to your clients in a way that you stand out to be their obvious choice. Feel free to view samples of my work (Photography & Videography) and if you are interested, don’t be shy to get in touch with me to grab a cup of coffee or tea and discuss your ideas.

If you are a food brand, grocery store, restaurant owner or food blogger, you know how important it is to have an excellent and attractive meal presentation. Good food photography provokes the desire to order or buy specific food.

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The way your products are perceived is heavily influenced by how they look in photos and videos. With specific techniques and skills, your products can take on whatever personality and vibe you want. Together we can enhance the recognized value of your products and give them a life of their own that your target customers want to buy into.

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The objective of food videography is all about capturing the essence of the meal. Good food videography provokes the desire to buy specific food or make a specific dish. Taking videos from the right angles under the proper lighting setup will make your customers’ mouths water.

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Food, Product and Promotional Videos

Full-service video production – I guide through the process from concept to planning, to filming, to editing.

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